32 Studio Portraits by Gordon Anthony

12 Signed Portraits


    Signed on their own photographic plates by

    Roland Beamont
    Harry Broadhurst
    Leonard Cheshire VC
    Kenneth Cross
    John Cunningham
    Bunny Currant
    Alan Deere
    Colin Gray
    Johnnie Johnson
    Rod Learoyd VC
    Laddie Lucas
    Hamish Mahaddie
    John Peel

    Home & Van Thal Ltd First edition, 1944. The book is quarto (25 x 19cm) with 38 pages of text and 32 plates.

    This is a Very Good condition copy and the iconic photographic plates are in fine condition. The book has its original and scarce dustjacket which is nearly complete with a small amount of loss at the top of the spine and some repaired tears. The book has a quality reproduction dustjacket in addition to the original which makes it look very smart.

    Following the same format as Cuthbert Orde’s famous book ‘Pilots of Fighter Command’, this publication features a collection of marvellous full page photographic portraits of RAF fighter and bomber pilots. Amongst the 32 portraits are many of the famous names; Beamont, Bennett, Braham, Broadhurst, Cheshire, Crawford-Compton, Cross, Cunningham, Currant, Deere, Donaldson, Gibson, Gillam, Gilroy, Gordon-Finlayson, Gray, Harries, Jameson, Johnson, Kingaby, Learoyd, Lucas, Mahaddie, Malan, Peel, Rankin, Raphael, Rawnsley, Straight, Walker, Wells, Wykeham – missing are those who had been made POW or killed at that point in the war. ┬áThe accompanying biographical notes written by John MacAdam give a superb contemporary insight into the characters of these men.

    A great collection of signed photographs in an iconic book.

    Please enter the gallery to see pictures of some of signed photographic plates: