CONCORDE Test Pilots

Concorde Cover

Signed by Turcat, Trubshaw & Cochrane



    There are some aviation signatures that are very sought after by collectors
    from all over the world, from pioneer pilots and designers to aces and astronauts. 

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    French Concorde Cover signed by the
    3 senior Concorde Programme Test Pilots

    Captain André Turcat
    Captain Brian Trubshaw
    Captain John Cochrane

    Issued in 1975 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of  Clément Adler (1841-1925) a French
    engineer and inventor who is often considered to be the ‘Father of Aviation’.

    A great collection of the signatures of the 3 test pilots who flew the first Concorde flights
    and the majority of the 6 year test programme

    An exceptionally collectable Concorde signed cover in Fine condition