HELP WANTED ~ 32 Squadron

Photo of 32 Squadron Battle of Britain pilots

Identification of 32 Squadron Battle of Britain Pilots

  • Price: Not for sale - help wanted

to identify pilots at a 32 Squadron Reunion
held at The White Hart, Brasted on 14 August 1946

The photograph shows 9 pilots signing the White Hart guest book.  The relevant page of the guest book shows the signatures of:

  1. John Worrall
  2. ? possibly VG Daw
  3. John Flinders
  4. Mike Crossley
  5. John White
  6. ?
  7. JE Proctor
  8. Douglas Grice
  9. Alan Eckford
  10. ? possibly AH Milnes
  11. Bob Holland (92 Squadron)

Can anyone assist with:

  1. identifying the unknown signatures and
  2. matching all the signatures to the figures in the photo.  Mike Crossley is obvious!

 Please contact us if you are able to help – thanks in anticipation!
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