By Terence Kelly

Multi-signed by 40 Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots

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Signed on the title and dedication pages by 40 Battle of Britain
Hurricane & Spitfire pilots with their squadrons

Tim Elkington ~ Arthur Smith ~ John Ellacombe ~ Cyril Bamberger
Mike Croskell ~ Michael Wainwright ~ Nigel Rose ~ Tony Pickering

Vivian Snell ~ Trevor Gray ~ Ken Lee ~ Ludwig Martell

Geoffrey Wellum ~ Iain Hutchinson ~ Peter Brown ~ Roy Ford

Joce Millard ~
Bill Green ~ Len Davies ~ Bob Innes
Peter Fox ~ Geoffrey Stevens ~ Billy Drake ~ Richard Jones

David Denchfield ~ William Walker ~ Ken MacKenzie ~ John Freeborn

Peter Hairs ~ Paddy Barthropp ~ Tom Dalton-Morgan ~ Doug Nicholls
AC Leigh ~ Dave Glaser ~ Bob Foster ~ Basil Stapleton ~ Tom Neil

Tony Iveson ~
Ken Wilkinson ~ Keith Lawrence

William Kimber. First Edition 1986.  222 pages and well illustrated with photos

Fine condition hardback book and dustjacket.  Clean and bright. An excellent copy

Terence Kelly, a distinguished author, playwright and former Hurricane pilot, has collected a treasury of anecdotes from pilots who flew these trusty aircraft in various operational theatres during WWII. The reminiscences, some funny, some tragic, some mourning old comrades, some reliving dangerous encounters, all reviving what it was like to fly in these two well-beloved machines.

An interesting and well written book which contains a magnificent collection of Battle of Britain signatures.