Memoirs of a World War II Navy Pilot

Signed by Lieutenant Commander John Moffat RN


    Signed by Lieutenant Commander John Moffat on the title page

    Published by Bantam Press. First edition 2009.  294 pages and well illustrated with photographs, some in colour.

    Very  Fine condition hardback book and dustjacket.  As new. A super copy.

    Practically obsolete even before the war, the robust, inelegant ‘Stringbags’ – the Fleet Air Arm’s Swordfish – unbelievably were still flying against the enemy at the end of it.

    The memoirs of a Second World War bomber pilot and the sinking of the Bismarck warship in May 1941. Along with twelve other brave pilots, John Moffat took down the largest warship of its time. A warship that had destroyed the famed HMS Hood within minutes, and was able to withstand anything the British military threw at it. These men, in their Swordfish, managed to avoid the fearful anti-aircraft fire and launch their torpedoes. One of them hit, holing the German warship.

    This is John Moffat’s story, of how as a young man he experienced first-hand the titanic struggle for naval supremacy, the cramped cabins and meagre rations of WWII, the mind-numbing patrols over hundreds of miles of ocean and the adrenalin and fear of being in a fragile aircraft sought out by gunfire. As the last surviving member of the mission, John Moffat tells of everything that led him to be able to say, ‘I sank the Bismarck’. He passed away in 2016 aged 97.

    A lovely naval aviation book in superb condition and neatly signed. This would go well with one of the Swordfish swatches available on the ACE section of this website.