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Signed by Luftwaffe Fighter Aces

  • Price: £23 each or £40 for the pair

Published over 30 years ago by the Military Gallery, these are remarkable profiles of legendary Luftwaffe Aces of WWII. Each fighter ace personally wrote his own profile and then autographed each copy in pencil

Cards measure 22 x 28 cm and are in Fine condition


133 victories

JG 52 & JG 50 on Russian Front
Commanded 9/JG 1 on Western Front
Commanded 11/JG 53  Defence of the Reich

Generalleutenant Walter Krupinski

197 victories

JG 52 Battle of Britain
Commanded 7/JG 52 on the Russian Front
Commanded 2/JG 11 Defence of the Reich
Commanded 3/JG 26 Defence of the Reich
Joined JV 44 (Galland Circus) flying the Me 262