John Nesbitt-Dufort

RAF Museum Signed Cover

Wing Commander John Nesbitt-Dufort DSO

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An RAF Museum cover from 1972 signed by

Wing Commander John Nesbitt-Dufort DSO
(1912 – 1975)

SOE Lysander Pilot
Author of ‘Black Lysander’
CO 488 (NZ) Squadron Mosquitos
Test Pilot

At the outbreak of WWII, Nesbitt-Dufort, who was a very experienced instructor, managed to find a way onto operational duties. First with a Night Intruder Squadron and then with Special Duties Squadrons, he specialised in flying agents in and out of Occupied France on cloak and dagger missions which are vividly described in his book. In January 1942 he evaded capture and returned to the UK after he crashed landed Lysander (T1508-MA) while inserting agents near Issoudon due to low fuel and icing. Later he returned to test flying and then commanded a Night Fighter Wing flying Mosquitos and Spitfires.

A very rare SOE pilot signature

A Very Fine condition copy of ‘Black Lysander’ (Jarrolds 1973) is also available ~ please enquire

The FDC is in Fine condition