Royal Air Force MALTA ACES

The Military Gallery

Signed by RAF Malta Aces

  • Price: £15 each or £25 for the pair

Published over 30 years ago by the Military Gallery, these are remarkable profiles of legendary RAF Aces of WWII. Each fighter ace personally wrote his own profile and then autographed each copy in pencil

Cards measure 21 x 27 cm and are in Fine condition

Wing Commander PB ‘LADDIE’ LUCAS

66 Squadron ~ 1941
Commanded 249 (Gold Coast) Squadron in the Battle of Malta
Coltishall Wing Leader
CO 613 Mosquito Squadron
Author ‘Five Lives’ and others

Wing Commander ROD SMITH

412 Canadian Spitfire Squadron ~ 1941
126 Squadron ~ Battle of Malta
Commanded 401 Squadron ~ Normandy 1944
Author ‘The Spitfire Smiths’