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Letter signed by Sir Sydney Camm CBE

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A letter on official Hawker Aircraft Ltd notepaper dated November 4th 1947
Signed by


British Aircraft Designer

Born in Windsor in 1893, Camm started with the Martinsyde aeroplane company in 1914. He joined T.O.M. Sopwith at the H.G. Hawker Engineering Company at Kingston in 1923.

As Chief Designer from 1925, his prolific genius led to a 60-year series of outstanding military aircraft starting with the Hart biplane day bomber in 1928 and its single-seat fighter derivative, the Fury, from 1930.

In 1935 Camm designed the Hurricane, his first monoplane fighter, armed with 8 machine guns and using the new Merlin engine. It was the mainstay of the RAF during the Battles of France and Britain in 1940. There followed the Typhoon, the Tempest and the post-war Sea Fury propeller-driven fighters.

The Sea Hawk and Hunter jets were followed in the 1960s by the revolutionary V/STOL Harrier fighter, combat-proven in the battles over the Falkland Islands in 1982.  Sir Sydney Camm died on 12 March 1966 and is commemorated with a Hurricane on a pole in his home town of Windsor.

The letter measures approx. 7 x 8 inches and is in Fine condition