Special Op: BOMBER

Daring missions that changed the shape of WWII



    Signed by the author and 3 Bomber Command Veterans
    Warrant Officer Harry Irons DFC ~ 9 Squadron
    Warrant Officer Jim McGillivray ~ 115 Squadron
    Warrant Officer Geoff Gilbert DFM ~ 61 Squadron

    David & Charles First Edition 2008. 286 pages and well illustrated with photographs

    Mint condition cardcover book. As new and unread

    This book tells the stories of ten exceptional missions that took place in WWII. From the legendary Dambusters raid, to Jericho – the precision  attack on the prison at Amiens. Each of the missions recounted is remarkable for its daring or innovative tactics and its important contribution to the Allied war effort.  

    A well researched book with a neat collection of signatures.

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