The Handley Page HALIFAX

By KA Merrick



    Limited edition bookplate 40/50 signed by distinguished Halifax aircrew

    Wg Cdr RJ ‘Bobby’ Sage  OBE, AFC ~ 77 Squadron
    Lettice Curtis ~ ATA (who ferried 222 Halifaxes during the war)

    Aston Publications First edition 1990.

    Fine condition book and dustjacket. Clean, bright and tight in a protective wrapper.

    The most complete, authoritative work on the Handley Page Halifax with 232 pages including 240 photos with some in colour.

    6116 Halifaxes were built and Ken Merrick’s book gives a detailed account of this versatile aircraft from inception, design and development and through its numerous operational roles.  It is a fine tribute to the aircraft, those who built it, those who maintained it and those who flew in it.

    If you only have room for one book on the Halifax, this is most definitely the one to have.