Flying Allied Carrier Aircraft of World War II

Multi-Signed by Fleet Air Arm Aircrew


    Signed by 12 Fleet Air Arm Pilots opposite the title page
    + a label signed by Captain Eric Brown above his Foreword

    Captain Eric Brown CBE DSC AFC ~ 802 Sqn Martlets & Chief Naval Test Pilot
    Lt Cdr Peter Twiss OBE DSC* ~ 807 Sqn Seafires, Malta campaign and test pilot
    Lt Cdr Edgar Lee DSO ~ 825 Sqn Swordfish, Channel Dash
    Lt Cdr John Moffat ~ Skuas, Gladiators, Swordfish, Bismarck attack
    Lt Cdr Bruce Vibert DSC ~ 842 Sqn Swordfish, Tirpitz attack
    Sub Lt Stanley Brand ~ 836 Sqn Swordfish, MAC Ships
    Petty Officer Norman Usher ~ 832 Sqn Swordfish
    Lt Cdr George Blackburn ~ 813 & 816 Sqns Swordfish & Seafires
    Lt Cdr Arthur Towlson DSC ~ 829 Sqn Barracudas, Malta & Tirpitz
    Petty Officer Les Sayer MBE DSM ~ 811 & 825 Sqns Swordfish, Bismarck attack
    Lt Cdr Norman Lester ~ Martlets & Seafires 
    Lt Cdr Richard Griffiths ~ Martlets, Swordfish & Seafires 

    Jane’s First edition 1980. 176 pages with lots of photos, cutaway diagrams and cockpit layouts. 

    Fine condition hardback book and dustjacket. A great copy

    Carrier operations are potentially the harshest and most dangerous test that aircraft and pilots can face. Landing on the pitching, bucking deck of a carrier or catapulted over a plunging bow, shipboard aircraft of WWII had a vital role in naval actions.  Often ignored or forgotten, this book places on record the flying characteristics, good, bad and indifferent, of 16 types that saw active service in WWII including the Swordfish, Skua, Wildcat, Fulmar, Corsair, Helldiver, Barracuda, Seafire, Firefly, Hellcat and Firebrand. 

    Eric Brown was the only aviator who could have written this book.  He was the Royal Navy’s chief test pilot during World War II and flew most of the aircraft used by both the Allies & the Axis. Against the historical background, he describes their construction, flight characteristics, tactical strengths & weaknesses and their operational performances. 

    A fascinating read for armchair warriors enhanced by a superb collection of FAA veteran signatures.