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DUEL under the STARS

DUEL under the STARS

By Wilhelm Johnen KC

Special Multi-Signed Edition


    Special Signed Edition

    Signed by William Johnen on the frontispiece under his photograph

    Further 15 tipped in signed photographs of German and British night fighter pilots;
    each pilot on a single page, with photo, career details and signature:

    Major Paul Zorner
    Air Marshal Sir Ivor Broom
    Major Günther Bahr
    Wing Commander Alan Joseph Owen
    Oberst Wolfgang Falck
    Wing Commander George Parry
    Hauptman Hermann Greiner
    Oberst Hajo Herrmann
    Squadron Leader Charles Patterson
    Major Werner Hoffmann
    Wing Commander Roy Ralston
    Oberstleutenant Hans-Joachim Jabs
    Squadron Leader Ronald Woodman
    Hauptman Peter Spoden
    Wing Commander Peter Channer

    Crecy Books Special Signed Edition. Published in 1994.  220 pages with photographs.

    Fine condition hardback book in black covers with silver gilt titles and matching black slipcase with the NJG 1 emblem. Clean, tight and bright.

    This is a Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 110 night fighter ace’s account of Luftwaffe night fighter operations in WWII.  It was one of the first of its type published in English in 1957 and it has been reprinted many times. His story covers events not only in the air in the night battles over Germany but also of the technological war waged throughout, the decline of the Luftwaffe and the dreadful effect of Allied raids over the Reich.

    Wilhelm Johnen KC (1944), NJG1, NJG5, 34 victories, died in 2002

    A fascinating and dramatic account of the night air war over Germany ‘from the other side’ with a beautifully presented collection of scarce signatures. 

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