Welcome to ACE. Here is how it works…

How to Sell

  • You rent a window on ACE for a flat monthly fee in accordance with the table below.
  • This window can then be used to sell your own item at whatever price you decide to ask. You simply email good clear photos of the item and the required text of the advert (max 300 words and no links) to pilot@spitfirebooks.com and Spitfire Books does the rest.
  • Prospective purchasers contact you by email link from your window therefore all correspondence, payment and delivery are handled by you directly and you keep all the proceeds of the sale.
  • If you sell your item quickly, then you are free to send the details of another item to be posted in the window for no extra fee – it is your window for the month to use as often as you wish.

Selling Tips:

  • Provide good, clear photographs
  • Describe fully and accurately
  • Price realistically
  • To maintain privacy use an email address which does not reveal your name

How to Buy

  • If you wish to purchase a listed item, simply click the Contact button and an email form with the seller’s email address will appear and you negotiate directly with them.

Wants Lists

  • A window can be rented to post a ‘Wants List’ of up to 5 items. Tell the world what you are looking for and someone may contact you with just what you want! Send your list to pilot@spitfirebooks.com


  • A window can be rented by a dealer or company to advertise their own websites or products in order to attract aviation collectors to sites that they may not have already discovered and to remind collectors about established sites and products.

Terms and Conditions

Any person using ACE to sell or buy is deemed to have read and accepted the following conditions of use:

  1. All items must be accurately and fully described with all important details and defects noted. Photographic images must be of a good quality and show any signatures clearly.
  2. Any information such as a person’s decorations and service history must be checked to be factually correct to respect the named person and maintain the integrity & reputation of ACE and Spitfire Books.
  3. Spitfire Books reserves the right to refuse to list items if they do not meet our authenticity criteria. We reserve the right to edit or amend text to maintain the high standards and reputation of Spitfire Books and as a last resort, the right to terminate a listing early for any reason.
  4. It is understood that any resulting sale is a private contract between seller and purchaser and Spitfire Books accepts no liability for any dispute arising there from.
  5. Items will be listed on ACE within 3 days of receipt of suitable images, text and payment, unless otherwise notified.
  6. A month is defined as 4 consecutive weeks.
  7. Payment must be made in advance by Paypal, cheque or bank transfer.
  8. Disclaimer: Spitfire Books cannot accept any liability to any party for loss or damage incurred by reliance placed on the information contained in this website or through omission or errors, how so ever caused.


Type of Service Spitfire Books Customers Non Customers
  Monthly Rental Monthly Rental
A window to advertise an item priced up to £150 As agreed £10
A window to advertise an item priced over £150 As agreed £20
A ‘Wants’ window for up to 5 items As agreed £10
A window to advertise another website or business £10 £25