Spitfire Books offers a superb selection of books and aviation memorabilia signed by some of the most distinguished pilots in aviation history.

Signed Books & Aviation Memorabilia

Here you will find books and collectables from the early pioneering days of the Wright Brothers, through the two world wars to the incredible exploits of the test pilots of the post war era and the space race.

Books signed by ‘The Few’ of the Battle of Britain and ‘The Many’ of Bomber Command; by aces such as Douglas Bader, ‘Johnnie’ Johnson and Erich Hartmann; by inventors like Frank Whittle and Barnes Wallis; by legendary test pilots including Chuck Yeager, Roland Beamont, and Brian Trubshaw.

It is very special to own a book, knowing that the author or subject once held the very same copy as he signed it for a friend, a relative or perhaps just for a stranger at a bookshop or airshow.

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