Spitfire Books


each measures approx 3 x 3 inches

Signed by Famous Pilots


    Group Captain Hugh Verity
    Autobiography: ‘We Landed by Moonlight’ 
    Price £ 15

    Air Commodore Freddie West VC
    Biography: ‘Winged Diplomat’
    Price £ 15

    Flight Lieutenant John Cruickshank VC
    Biography: ‘For Valour: The Air VCs’
    Price £ 10

    Group Captain Hamish Mahaddie
    Autobiography: ‘Hamish’ 
    Price £ 10

    MRAF Sir Arthur Harris
    Autobiography: ‘Bomber Offensive’ 
    Price £ 40

    Flight Lieutenant Jimmy Edwards
    Auto-biography: ‘Six of the Best!’ 
    Price £ 15

    Air Marshal Sir Ivor Broom
    Biography: ‘Clean Sweep’ 
    Price £10

    Air Vice-Marshal Don Bennett
    Aut0-biography: ‘Pathfinder’
    Price £25

    Wg Cdr David Shannon 
    Dambuster Pilot A – JL
    Price £ 30

    Flt Lt Les Sumpter
    Dambuster Bomb Aimer A – JL
    Price £25

    Flt Lt Bill Howarth
    Dambuster Front Gunner A – JW
    Price £ 30

    Air Marshal Sir Peter Wykeham
    Author: ‘Fighter Command’ 
    Price SOLD

    Wing Commander Laddie Lucas
    Auto-biography: ‘Five Up’ 
    Price £ 15

    Marshal of the RAF Sir Michael Beetham
    Biography: ‘Stay the Distance’
    Price £ 10