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The story of the man who broke the Sound Barrier

Signed by Chuck Yeager

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Presentation signed on the front end paper by

General Chuck Yeager to DJ Tommy Vance

To Tommy
Enjoyed the Show
Chuck Yeager
B/Gen USAF Ret.

Century Hutchinson, First British edition 1985.    342 pages and well illustrated with photographs.

Fine condition hardback book. Clean, tight and bright.  Fine condition unclipped dustjacket. A very smart copy of this great book.  It is inscribed to Tommy Vance, (1940-2005) a radio presenter, best known for hosting the Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 and a show on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Station) which is most probably where he interviewed Chuck Yeager around 1985/86.

Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager was the first pilot to travel faster than sound in 1947 piloting the Bell X-1. He was also a WW2 Mustang ace who was shot down, evaded capture and returned to fight again, shooting down an Me262. Post-war he had an extraordinary testing career before returning to the USAF as a Fighter Squadron Commander and commanding a wing of tactical bombers in Vietnam. Originally retiring as a brigadier general, Yeager was promoted to major general on the Air Force’s retired list 20 years later for his military achievements and flying career that spanned more than sixty years. A true aviation legend.

 In his own words and with reminiscences from his wife and friends, General Chuck Yeager tells his incredible story of his military career, flying experiences and the Golden Age of Aviation.

A classic aviation book and a cracking read, enhanced by a neat signature and dedication to a British broadcasting legend.